International students

Great that you’re coming to Utrecht, I hope you’ll have a good time over here.

I am afraid that as we are only a representative body for tenants of a certain type accommodation we are not in a position to help you directly. However I will try to help you the best I can.

SSH housing system
The ‘normal’ process is as follows: First the system requires you to register through the website. With your profile you respond to the offered rooms. If you are lucky and have enough waiting time, you can go on a housing interview with the residents (this resembles a job interview). If this goes well you can take up residence. Note it is often unlikely that you will be able to choose the same house with a friend, as allocation is dependant on availability and acceptance of residents.

However, it might be the case that the ‘normal’ procedure is not suited to your needs. As an international you would probably want to look at the ‘short stay’ solutions, resembling the American dorm and English halls systems. These rooms are furnished and allocated directly, without the tedious interviewing etc.

Seen as you likely require some more information, it would be worth to get some more information from the following outlets, where the people responding are fully informed:

The go-to point(s) for information
Here are a two options to get in touch with the right departments at SSH:

For direct answers call (088) 730 42 00 (don’t forget the 0031 prefix if you are abroad: 003188 730 42 00).

Otherwise, provided you wish to stay in Utrecht e-mail: This is the general information desk and they will be able to answer most questions.

Finally it is worth calling/e-mailing the Utrecht University (UU) or Homeschool Utrecht (HU) international office’s (IO), they know these issues very well and might be able to help out.

An attempt
In an attempt to help you myself I can at least tell you the following: If you enrolled for a full MA (which you seem to have done) I advice you to call the number above, and see the following websites:

It is likely the reservation process is just a little more tedious than hoped for so direct contact with the SSH office is advised.

My tip would be:
Start by calling SSH and ask for your options, and if not helpful resort to UU’s IO or the IO of Hogeschool Utrecht.

Private sector
If all else fails you can have a look at the private sector:

But foreign students are often more susceptible to fraud, thus trying the SSH and uni guided housing first is advised.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

The board members of WBS